Kieran Khan


Kieran Khan

A graduate of the UWI Institute of International Relations, Kieran Khan was central to the renewed call for a Trinidad and Tobago Prime Ministerial Debate in 2010 which led to the formation of the TT Debates Commission. He is a Director in a digital media agency and has worked with Fortune 50 executives as well as dozens of local and international brands to develop campaigns and conferences. In his own time, he is also a nine-year weekly contributing writer with a national newspaper.

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Recent Posts

June 16, 2019

Progressive Party Launch Speech

As we move forward I call on every right thinking citizen to ponder long and hard about the kind of Trinidad and Tobago you would like to see.

May 1, 2019

Challenging a two-party system

In response to the idea of a new political party it is quite common for a Caribbean, far less a Trinbagonian, citizen to hide behind the phrase, “this is a two-party system” as if, no matter what, a country’s prosperity, growth and progress is caught between two warring sides.