Citizens across Trinidad and Tobago have been seeking out political representation that understands leadership, governance and respect for the basic dignities of all. This representation must offer a holistic vision for our country that is premised on the dreams, hopes, aspirations and collective efforts of all our people. Over the years citizens have either settled for representation that has consistently fallen short of meeting this criteria or given up altogether on the belief that such representation exists.

However 2019 has given birth to a political organisation that can provide the light which citizens have been so desperately seeking. The Progressive Party is an organisation which seeks not to build its foundations on the failings of other political organisations but rather harness the potential and strength of the people of Trinidad and Tobago which have been overlooked for far too long.

The Progressives, as we are known, represent Centre-Left politics or Progressivism. This type of political ideology believes in social equality through the provision of equal opportunities, while demanding that there be personal responsibility for things within the control of individuals. Additionally, reforms are seen as the vehicles through which social improvement can take place. Our organisation believes in small to moderate government that focuses on facilitating the endeavours and aspirations of its citizens in a reasonably regulated environment.

The Progressives call upon all citizens to help shape this organisation into one which can truly be the voice of the people. We seek not to impose anything on the population but rather fulfill the wishes of the people. With a diverse team of independent thinkers who all agree that national development and unity are interdependent, this is how we hope to guide the nation!


Recent Posts

June 16, 2019

Progressive Party Launch Speech

As we move forward I call on every right thinking citizen to ponder long and hard about the kind of Trinidad and Tobago you would like to see.

May 1, 2019

Challenging a two-party system

In response to the idea of a new political party it is quite common for a Caribbean, far less a Trinbagonian, citizen to hide behind the phrase, “this is a two-party system” as if, no matter what, a country’s prosperity, growth and progress is caught between two warring sides.